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⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️The Tactical LED Pen With Glassbreaker by Survival Hax is a 4 – 1 Pen, LED Light, Fire Starter and a Self Defense Kubotan. Made from military grade hand crafted aluminum alloy and a tungsten steel core this tactical pen is high quality, very durable and just might safe your life. With just a turn of the cap at the top of the pen the LED light will come on or go off. The batteries (LR927) may be replaced by unscrewing the light cap and removing the old batteries and replacing new ones. The fire starter may be accessed by unscrewing the middle section of the pen, then just use a metal object to strike it to create a spark to get your fire going. The glassbreaker which is at the end of the tactical pen is also a weapon to use to defend yourself which is a great thing to have should you ever find yourself in that type of situation. The ink pen may be found by unscrewing the lower section of the tactical pen where the kubotan is to use for writing, and when it needs replacing just unscrew the end of the ink pen and replace it with a new ink cartridge. This is an awesome survival tool that can be clipped onto your pocket, purse or backpack that could save your life. Great item to also have one to place in your bug out bag or purchase a couple to use as gifts. Very pleased with the quality of this tactical self defense pen with extra tools that are so handy for survival and do recommend it. You may purchase this neat self defense survival tool sold by Survival Hax for $19.99 with Prime on Amazon. I did receive this product at a discount but in no way did it persuade my opinion. This is my honest and unbiased review.

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