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⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️The #sumpri pocket #chain #saw measures 36 inches,is foldable, super sharp and can cut down a 12 inch trunk in about 3 minutes. Made of high carbon steel which will provide good wear resistance and hardness. The Bi directional blades work by cutting when pushed and pulled with the handles on the end of the chainsaw. You can even attach ropes to the nylon handles of the chainsaw which will allow you to cut higher branches.

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You also get a bonus magnesium fire starter that will work in all weather types and comes in it’s shatterproof case with an attached lanyard or you can store it with the hand chainsaw which includes a pouch with a belt loop or carry it in your pocket or backpack

sumpri camping gear

My husband took the saw and started cutting a limb and the hand chainsaw worked really well and the limb was off in a very short time. Great for pruning trees in your yard or may be used to trim branches to clear a path of view for hunting on your property.The magnesium fire starter worked perfect and with these two great survival gear tools you have everything you need to build a fire.

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This is a nice set of survival tools you can use for camping, hiking, in your yard or most outdoor adventures.Great item to add to your bug out bag as I did. Never know what emergency you may face so you always need to be prepared with some great survival gear. I did receive this product at a discount to test and review and I would definitely recommend it.  It is a great survival gear tool to bring along with you camping and pick up another to go in your bug out bag. You can purchase yours on Amazon with the link I have listed below:


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