⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️The Furious Fitwear Knee Compression Sleeve is 68% polyamide, 8% spandex, 24% latex and has 3D circular knitting technology for longer lifespan and better air flow. I ordered the size medium by using the size reference table and it fits my husband perfectly. The knee sleeve may be worn on either the left or right knee to give it the compression to support your knee, increase blood circulation, help fight inflammation due to ACL, arthritis, muscle or joint pain, meniscus tears and other knee joint issues. The 4-way compression stretch capability allows him full range of motion. They even included a user guide that also contains pre-workout stretches. I love the stylish look and the support it gives to his knees to help reduce his pain and inflammation. This Furious Fitwear Knee compression sleeve is great for both men and women for sport activities, walking, running, at the gym and more.  Easy care instructions-Wash by hand in cold water and lay flat to dry. It is lightweight, durable, comfortable to wear and does not slip down as a couple of other knee sleeves I have purchased for him. My husband has already had three knee surgeries and needs two total knee replacements, but the doctor wants him to wait until he turns 62 which means he is having to deal with the pain daily. He wears knee sleeves every day so I try to find different knee sleeves, compression sleeves and braces that will help reduce his pain and give him support so he will not cause further damage to his knees. I did receive this product at a discount but in no way did it persuade my opinion. This is my honest and unbiased review.

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